Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Campaign Individual

I chose to do an add that could be in a realty magazine or something along those lines. I feel like it is pretty balanced and I incorporated our colors and fonts into the ad to have continuity in all aspects of our campaign. I also put together the style guide, with the help of my team.

Monday, April 27, 2015


David Johnson: A 25 year old small business owner this young man hoping to invest in some real estate he turns to longshore appraisal to make sure he gives a reasonable offer while still maintaining his budget. He is looking for an appraiser that can give him an accurate estimate on the house he is looking for as well as someone who may be able to help him with his housing long term.

Margo Smith: A 75 year old recently retired grandma with 4 grandkids who she wants spoil are planning to sell their house and purchase a sailboat to travel the world. However it has been a long time since they have been in the housing market and are not quite sure what their house is worth. They are looking for a reliable and fair appraiser that will make sure they are selling the house for its actual worth.

Isaac Ramos: A 35 year old bank manager. When he is offering loans for homes he needs to make sure that he is not giving too much or too little to his clients. So by using longshore appraisal he can be sure to give just the right amount. He is looking for a professional and educated appraiser to make sure his business is not hurt by a bad estimate on a house.

Old Website: http://www.longshoreappraisalservices.com

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Mise en Scene

Production Designer: Grant Montgomery

  • Montgomery begins with hand drawn sketches of the sets. 
  • For the first series, he built 48 sets to create the Birmingham haunts of the Peaky Blinders. 
  • He aimed for more of a western feel in season one compared to more of a gangster feel in season two. The set is based on a dark working class world that is old and post World War One.  
  • Montgomery says it’s a mythology, it’s not strictly historically – it’s not a historical recreation, it’s very much a mythology. 

"We use real brick, we don’t use any vac-form brick in interiors, we build it. All the exposed brick in the HQ, which has expanded [to] double size, all that is real brick, it’s not fake, so when you touch it, it’s real. All the timbers are real. I put ceilings on all of the sets. You create a living environment, so it’s completely closed off for them, so when you walk in, you’re in the world."

Art Director: Nick WilkinsonMake-up: Laura Schiavo 

  • Thomas Shelby based appearance off young Vito Corleone 
  • Razor blades
  • Color palette= black/gray
  • Socioeconomic differences shown in wardrobe   
  • Dirty faces especially communist 


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Favorite Director

My new favorite director is fairly new, Josh Boone. My favorite movie is Stuck in Love and that is when I first discovered Josh Boone. He has also directed The Fault in our Stars (2014). He has a stort of indie way of directing and his movies are bright and really passionate. It's hard to explain why you like something, because sometimes you just do. And I really like his work.

Compose Your Frame

This is not my image but I chose it because everything in this picture falls either on a grid line or very close to one and is a great example of how photography uses the rule of thirds. The horizon is a little above the bottom horizontal grid line, making it the most potenant. The man or women doing the hand stand lies on two of the lines, the one to the right and the top horizontal. This makes the movement of a loop when we look at it with the photographers use of the rule of thirds. For me, I start at the handstand, follow up to the legs, to the sunset horizon and then back again. I believe the message to be calming, I don't get much else from it. The rule of thirds aids the message of calmness but aesthetically pleasing us with having the objects placed in a specific way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Design Presentation: The Evolution of Washer and Dryers

The evolution of dryers is a perfect example of bad and good design. The newer design of the washer and dryer follows the gestalt principle of  similarity. Everything about the newer design is similar and we group them together, unlike the older design. Psychologically it makes me want to make do laundry and I despise laundry. Color also plays a large part in why the newer design is more inviting and overall a better design.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

tContrast, Balance, Harmony

Contrast, Balance, Harmony- I chose this picture because I felt like it was an accurate representation of all of the materials required. This picture depicts contrast in the obvious element that the colors contrast with one another. There is a clear sense of balance in this photo as well. The arms are perfectly constructed in the shot to make all sides of the photo balanced and even. There is also a sense of harmony to this photo that I feel has to do with the psychological contrast. I don't know the meaning of this photo because I am not the one who photographed it, but I feel like there is a deeper contrast that what is plainly seen. The beauty of photography and art is that everyone interprets it differently and I believe the psychological contrast to this is that all people need the support of one another. I also get the sense of hard work and unity of people working together, which too could be apart of psychological contrast.